JP Perez

Founder / Artist

JP is a professional illustrator with a passion for Geek and Pop Culture art. He specializes in digital illustration, concept art, storyboards, watercolors, and Copic markers.

He is currently a Digital Artist working with the Walt Disney Co., illustrating for projects which include Marvel, Lucasfilm Ltd, and Pixar properties for Disney Parks, Resorts, and Cruise Lines. JP has also illustrated Star Wars for The Topps Company, Inc. and Marvel art for Upper Deck. His publications include a feature in the CAPCOM Fighting Tribute book, Ronin of the Mushari Kingdom comic, The Amazing Art Jumper comic, and Spenders’ Vegetable Garden children’s book.

Some of JP’s relevant work experience include the roles of Director of Operations at Hard Knocks Orlando, Creative Director at Filmscape Productions, Creative Lead at Snap & Play, and Production Specialist at Bluemotion Productions.

Outside of art, JP enjoys family time, movies, coffee, singing, basketball, golf, and video games.